Michael channeling is done in person or via telephone. Unless you live in the San Francisco Bay Area chances are your channeling will be done over the phone. You are welcome to tape record your session.

If this is your first time, it would benefit you to prepare a list of questions. Often people ask questions about friends or relatives. If that is the case send pictures of the people you'll be asking about as well as pictures of yourself. Pictures should clearly show the person's eyes. The age of the photo does not matter unless you're asking for recent health information. Please send your pictures to arrive before your appointment. Be sure and identify the people in the photos. Also identify yourself, not just on a picture, but on the envelope as well, indicating the time and date of your appointment. See the procedure for sending and having pictures returned below.

To schedule a reading please call 707.748.7715.
When you have scheduled an appointment you will be asked to send a check or money order to arrive before your appointment, in the amount quoted to you. Checks or money orders are payable to MEF or Michael Educational Foundation.

You can also pay through PayPal. The e-mail address used to send payment through PayPal is ePay@mef.to. Or send your payment to the address shown below. We recommend PayPal simply because it is convenient, quick and secure.

If you have questions ask Sandi when you are scheduling your reading. She'll be glad to answer them.

$300.00 per hour
$150.00 for a half hour
Regular client program is available. Must have weekly, monthly or twice monthly sessions to qualify. Ask for details.

In order to facilitate the receipt, handling and return of your photographs in an efficient manner follow the procedures listed below.

Enclose a self addressed stamped envelope, with postage equal to the cost of mailing, along with your photos. We recommend the Postal Service as your courier. Send your pictures to:

JP VanHulle
10 Muth Dr.
Orinda, CA 94563
Attention: Pictures for Consultation

Write the address exactly as it is shown. If you use another courier (e.g. FedX or UPS) send it with a signature waiver. If you use Express Mail from the US Postal Service sign the signature waiver. Don't forget the self addressed stamped envelope.

We have this protocol in place in order for you to reap all the benefits of your channeling session. Thank you for your cooperation.


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