The following are Michael books currently in print written by JP Van Hulle and co-authored with others. To order, follow instructions at the bottom of the page.
Michael: The Basic Teachings
- JP Van Hulle, Aaron Christeaan and M.C. Clark
A comprehensive picture of Michael’s universe in easy to read and use format. This guide covers the whole of the cosmology, roles and overleaves in detail without overwhelming the reader. An essential practical reference guide to understanding who we are and what tools we have to make the most of our lives.

The Personality Puzzle
- JP Van Hulle and Jose Stevens

Discover the "puzzle pieces", your own roles and overleaves, that make you who you are. Contains a complete questionnaire to help you determine how you fit into the Michael system, and how to interpret your personality type. Find your strengths, weaknesses and hidden potentials.


Michael’s Gemstone Dictionary

- JP Van Hulle and Judithann David
One of the most comprehensive channeled works on the uses and healing properties of over 1000 gems and minerals. A good reference book for Michael students and anyone interested in gemstones.

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