Your role reflects who you are, in your most intimate values, abilities, and beingness. It can be somewhat obscured by cultural values as well as parental and social conditioning. Because of this you may appear to be just like your parents. But when you look through this layer of conditioning, your true nature emerges and your role becomes more apparent.

For this reason, your role becomes most noticeable after substantial life experience, usually by the mid-thirties.

Role Questionnaire Instructions:
Check as many statements as you closely identify with. You can check and uncheck as often as you need to. Your Role will probably be related to the group of questions with the highest amount of checked statements. Sometimes people will have two Roles that they identify with closely. This is commonly due to parental influence. Read about both Roles and see which one you identify with most closely as your deepest self: not your image.

I like to work behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly.
Nurturing people is what inspires me most in life.
Sometimes I feel trapped into a care taking role.
I like to quietly arrange situations to make other people happy.
I frequently perform little services that go unnoticed.
I love to take care of people and see to it they are comfortable.
I'd make someone a perfect wife or househusband.
I often feel a strong urge to tell people what I see is best for them.
My spiritual path is of higher importance to me than my relationships or
material needs.
Sometimes I get pretty zealous in my efforts to set others on the right path.
I feel responsible for the spiritual guidance of my "flock," even if I am not a minister.
I have the natural ability to see where people are blocked and I have the urge to save them from themselves.
Compassion is the force that motivates me to relate to the world.
My friends consider me to be an inspiration to them, even if I'm not sure why.
I am most stimulated by inventing and remodeling.
I love to influence the mood or flavor of what is going on.
If I can't express innovative ideas I feel blocked and frustrated.
People see me as artistic and doing things with an unusual flair.
I like to invent things in my mind that have never been thought of before.
I am fascinated with how different elements combine to make a cohesive unit.
I love to create new projects from old materials.
I hate to have my communication misunderstood.
I often mentally correct others' communication, whether written or verbal.
I secretly (or not so secretly) love to be on stage and to be noticed.
I often mentally correct others' communication, whether written or verbal.
I have a little voice in my head that almost never shuts up.
I am renowned for my wit and sense of humor.
People can't really hide the truth from me. If there is some juicy new gossip around, I won't feel comfortable until I've heard the details.
I like to get things organized.
I don't mind taking charge of situations to get results.
The one thing that really makes me furious is an attack on my principles - even an unwitting one.
I get so focused in one direction that I sometimes do not see the side paths.
When people irritate me they see my sword come out.
I will quietly but relentlessly work toward something I know is right.
I know I am basically a strong person and I am quick to defend the weak and innocent.
I expect to be the person who is put in a leadership position or ultimately responsible for a project.
I like to grasp the big picture and then delegate chores to see that everything is accomplished.
I don't stop until I've mastered what I'm attempting.
I get frustrated if I cannot do something perfectly the first time.
I am responsible for the action flowing smoothly in whatever situation I'm in.
When things go wrong, the buck ultimately stops here.
I am only interested in 'A' experiences; 'A minus' is not quite enough.
I am innately curious and I love to study what interests me.
I am known for being objective, and I make a good mediator.
I pursue knowledge avidly.
I don't like important information to slip away unrecorded.
People value my opinion because they know that I can see any point of view objectively and fairly.
I have an inner compulsion to experiment and risk for new knowledge.
I like to research before deciding anything.
Click on the number that matches the group of statements with your highest amount of check marks. The group you choose indicates your role. Again, if you checked a high amount of statements in more than one group, you were probably heavily conditioned by a parent of that role.
If you feel that it is too difficult to be certain of your role, would simply like confirmation with Michael, or would also like to know your overleaves, please send two or more photos of yourself to:

Michael Educational Foundation
PO Box 6901, Napa, CA 94581

Enclose a check or money order in the amount of $50.00 and a self addressed stamped envelope, equivalent to the amount of postage needed to send the original envelope. Michael will channel your role and overleaves and we will send you this information with your returned photos. This is a great gift for friends and relatives.

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