Sandi became interested in Astrology at the age of seven. She remembers spending many hours looking at the stars and asking why they left her behind in this place where she felt separated from those who would understand her.

In 1977 Sandi took an eight week course about astrology at a community college. At the end of the course the instructor had her mentor Barabra come to class and look at the students natal charts. Barabra reviewed each of the charts which contained no names or personal information and wrote three brief sentences describing the individual depicted in the chart. Barabra described Sandi as if she knew her personally.

Sandi approached Barabra and asked her how she could look at the chart and know her so personally. After speaking to Barabra, Sandi interviewed and petitioned to become one of Barabra’s students. Barabra required a commitment of five years of study from her students. It was a beginning of a life long friendship.

Sandi combines astrology with the reading of Michael overleaves to help individuals gain understanding. An understanding of oneself or others, relationships and guidance for direction based on potential and future. The chart options available are numerous, call Sandi to discuss which option would be of the most assistance to gain the understanding you are seeking.

Sandi is also an alchemist. She makes herbal tinctures for preventive health measures and healing practices treating allergies, skin conditions, colds/flu, indigestion, PMS/menopause, headaches, muscle pain and fatigue.

Sandi’s Personality Profile:
Soul Age: 4th Level Old Soul
Essence: Artisan
Essence Twin: Artisan
Goal: Growth
Attitude: Pragmatist
Mode: Caution (slides to Power and Observation)
Obstacle: Impatience/ Self-Deprecation
Centering: Emotional, Moving
Frequency: 95%
Male energy 95% Female energy 5%

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