Channeled by J.P. van Hulle
13 June 1987
Transcribed by K. Babcock
Edited by N. Gordon
December 2004

Today we are going to discuss with you what we were asked to discuss, and that is When did we first start teaching here? and Why do we teach you? and, in fact, Why did we decide to teach at all? So we thought we would cover those three basics, before we move on to other topics.
To begin, you have to understand a little bit about very ancient history. When people are deciding whether or not they want to come to a planet before they are even human beings or any kind of sentient race, they spend plenty of time hanging about, investigating the planet in what we call their ‘devic’ state. Now, people still recognize devas today. There are still beings hanging around investigating this planet, not sure if they want to come here and have lifetimes or not. There are many myths about beings like that. They are called leprechauns or sprites or elves or a variety of different things that basically are a result of the fact that you have come to know that there are little sentients around. You cannot see them, but it feels like something is watching you and paying attention to you from the sidelines. They may be giggling at you and making fun of you, but usually you do not know where this feeling of being observed is coming from. All who come to this planet to investigate its possibilities have a devic state, some more impish than others, of course, but basically they are attempting to see if the planet looks suitable to them, do they want to be one of the sentient races that are going to be seeding the planet, and if so, which sentient race do they want to join.
We did that before there were any human beings here on this planet. And all of our students did that, too. The reason we are particularly in a teacher-student relationship with all of you that come to us and who stick with it and know that the Michael teaching is for you, is that we have known each other for a very long time. Those who are merely curious, who come to us and find out a little bit and then say No, this is not for me, and leave, they are not usually the ones who have been students of ours in the past. All of the people who come and get some benefit from listening to us and who really enjoy learning from us and consider themselves part of the teaching (and at this time there are about a hundred thousand of you world-wide, by the way) these are our friends over many lifetimes. We do not have a whole lot of friends, you know, not a really huge number of really close friends out there.
You get to know people and make friends when you are in one cycle or another. You spend a whole series of lifetimes on a planet, you are born again and again and again for maybe eighty, ninety, a hundred, three hundred lifetimes in a row, and you have a tendency to meet people over and over again that you have gotten along with in earlier lifetimes. You look one another up between lifetimes and say: Well, we got along very well, we had a wonderful time last time. How about if we come back and get to know each other again in a future lifetime? Maybe this time we can try being brother and sister. So you get to establish a crowd of friends, and after establishing this crowd of friends over many lifetimes there is a tendency to feel very close to these people. When the entire cycle is complete, when you are recombining into larger groups, there is a bond between all of you who are in the same crowd. For instance, we are a group that is an entire entity, one thousand and fifty individuals bonded together. Eventually each of you bonds with a larger and larger group until you feel you have reached being a part of the oneness of the universe again and feel bonded to everything and everyone, including the rocks and the stars and the whole universe. In the end you get to that level of bondedness. Then shortly thereafter you say, Now what next growing thing am I going to do? At that point, people often say, Well, let’s go do another series of lifetimes on another planet with a very different culture. Let’s see if we can learn more new and interesting things than we’ve learned before.
So having made friends with people you have spent a lot of time with, there is the tendency to say, Come on! How about you coming with us to investigate this new place. Then a lot of new people go take a look at the new planet and suddenly some thousands of them decide all at once to hit it at the same time. That’s what we did this time, and some of you have done it with us. About a hundred and fifty thousand or so folks all decided to come to this planet at approximately the same time. Now by approximately, we do not mean exactly the same time, one minute after another, but rather within a few dozens of thousands of years, which is generally the same time.
As you can see, people have been on this planet for a very long time, and all of you and all of us got here together. Many of you had taught us in the past cycles, and some were people who completed their work and cycled off before we did. By cycled off, we mean we completed the human existence and went on to higher levels of learning, there to be prepared to channel through and teach others who are still on this level.
We were just some of those who ran ahead and completed their lessons and moved to higher levels of understanding astrally and then causally. When you get to the causal plane it is a very intellectual place. You study a great deal, and after you have begun to learn things, you are very interested in imparting all this information to others because finally everything begins to make much more sense.
> From the causal plane you can tap into the great records of the universe much more easily than you can here on the physical plane. Here you occasionally know one of those hits of ultimate truth, and you say, Aha! I know this is basically true about the universe, and then you sort of forget it again, either this week or next. Or maybe you carry it around with you for a while, and then forget it.
Basic truths, however, are basic truths, even when given different interpretations. Some of you begin to grasp them here, to see them become very clear, but to some of you they are not very clear. On the higher levels of existence everything gets clearer and clearer. That makes it always interesting and fun and enlightening to have someone who is further along on the evolutionary scale, so to speak, themselves evolving spiritually to a higher point more quickly, to remind you of what you used to know when you were still within the Tao, the basics of how the universe works. That allows your lives to run more smoothly, and maybe you learn more quickly than we did and do not have to hang around on the planet quite as long as we did. With guidance, you can learn your lessons more easily, smoothly, and have a lot more fun with them and maybe discover a lot of new, innovative things that could contribute new information to the universe. That is what everyone is always doing here all the time as well, endeavoring to bring new information to the universe so that it continually learns something new.
Not only is the universe always in a state of consciousness, which some people call God or the Tao, but it is also in a state of continual learning; it does not want to be stagnant. That is the reason we are all part of being human, and of being other things, too; we are constantly experimenting, feeding new information to the universe. Although many of you do things similar to what others are doing and you do them over and over again during your life experiences, each of you will do a thing or two that is uniquely yours each lifetime. It is then that the universe learns something new.
Our entity zipped ahead to some degree and actually the last of us cycled off about seven thousand years ago. The last person to cycle off had a name that sounded very like Mi-cha-el in this culture’s way of speaking, so when we started channeling a few years back to different channels and it became clear that we had really made contact and had a strong toe-hold with various channels on a regular basis, these people wanted to have something to call us. We were fine with any name, but these people kept after us for a name, a name, a name, so we finally decided to use Michael. Actually, it is a little in-joke, because that was the slowest person in the entity who took the longest to cycle off, and so it keeps us humble.
As we move along during our lessons, helping you to remember what your lessons are, it is easier for us to do so because we have removed ourselves from the physical plane. We do not have the day-to-day problems that you have: earning a living, finding food, shelter, and so forth. We can spend a great deal of time in study, and we can also be much more detached from the physical problems of pain and feelings of desperation or separation, because it is much easier to feel connected on the higher levels of existence. Therefore we can be much more objective when you need someone to help you sort things out when you are confused, because we are not in the middle of things and you are right there up against your problems.
That is why we decided that we really wanted to teach and work with and help along people who were our friends and buddies, who are still here, who are maybe five or ten thousand years behind where we are now, who are still attempting to move themselves forward enough to feel that they are complete with their physical plane experience but who often stumble or have a hard time while they are getting there.
You could have done the same thing for us, and many of you have in past cycles. All of us in our entity, all thousand and fifty of us, have known all of you who are our students. At least one of us has known at least one of you and some of us have known many of you in one, or more than one, lifetime. So it is not as though we have never been introduced. And usually there have been some good strong connections made because we all have the tendency to do most of our learning of our lessons with the same people with whom we have worked over and over in the past. These familiar people tend to get along with other members of the entity or family groups, so these are the ones you want to hang out with, to meet up with in every life. When you do meet them, you will work with some of them, or play with them, and it is just like you have already experienced, you meet their families, their friends, and everybody gets to know everyone else and form new connections. Your connections with entity mates is similar to that.
To return to the history of our taking on this work, we want to mention again here that the last fragment of our entity cycled off about five thousand years before the common era began, and then we were removed from the linear time at that point. It took countless amounts of time for us to prepare to return to the physical plane. Time, such as it is, passes in a very different way when you do not have a body. Things move more rapidly and more slowly at the same time. This is difficult to describe, but you cannot think of us as being in your time during this period. After many millennia we reached the level that we now are, that is, the mid-level of the Causal Plane, where we became Adepts, with the ability to teach others. That was when we decided that we were ready to come back into the time of the Physical Plane and investigate where on that time-line we wanted to start teaching.
That was when we took stock of ourselves and realized that the members of our entity being Warriors and Kings, we were not really interested in working with people that had not attained a certain level of evolution in their lives. We knew it would be too difficult to get them to pay any attention to us if they were at one of the lower levels.
Not only is it hard to channel through to human beings in the lower levels of spiritual evolution, but when you finally do reach them they usually do not want to pay attention to what you are saying. We decided that was pretty fruitless. We are, then, an entity that does Old soul level teaching, connecting with people who are already either Mature or Old souls in their perceptions of things. Very few of our students are actually in the Baby and Young soul stages. There are a few, but they are usually so surrounded by all their friends and buddies who are older that they are busy zipping along to catch up, so they are more willing to listen.
First, we decided that we wanted to teach. Then we decided where we wanted to teach. And finally, we decided who we wanted to teach. This last was important because we had to find people who would open up to us so we could channel through, allowing our teaching to do some good. To do this, we had to find places where people were involved in either Mature or Old soul lessons. This was not easy, mainly because we had to start back as far as we could in the whole time period of this planet.
You see, the recent time of human history, the last ten thousand years or so, did not have a lot of people in the Mature and Old soul categories. Although this planet has been here a long time, it has basically been an Infant soul planet, evolving into a Baby soul planet eventually. It has just been a Young soul planet for a few thousand years. There were more advanced, Old soul cultures previous to this, but that was back when we were on the planet ourselves, learning our lessons, and had not yet cycled off. If we had not begun our work after we cycled off, we would have disrupted our own time-line and been in effect teaching ourselves! That means we would have been branching off into totally new universes. It would have been possible, but not what we were interested in doing.
For consistency’s sake, our goal was to come back at the beginning of the last five thousand years before the common era. At that time the earlier, more advanced cultures, Lemuria, Atlantis, etc., were long past. Since there were not an inordinately large number of humans on the planet, and most of those were at the younger soul-age levels, we had to look for little pockets of more Mature and Old souls.
We started our search here around 4600 bce, which was the first time we were able to break through and attract someone to channel. We had been working on our plan for a few hundred years, but it takes a while to set things up before we can pop through and start to channel.
We began in what you call Mesopotamia, the area between the two rivers, as the name implies. It really had to do with fertility; it was easier to deal with the people where agriculture was working well, so there was a period there when things were fairly peaceful, from 4600 to about 3000 bce. People had enough to eat, and when people have enough to eat they quit warring for a while and start to pay attention to philosophy, their intellect, and other higher things. They take time out to think instead of just worrying about who they are going to kill or what they are going to eat. We had to get to a group who were past that point in order to get any kind of philosophical teaching going for them.
Since that area was nice and fertile and the culture was operating at a relatively high level, most of the Mature and Old souls waiting to be born on this planet decided they wanted to be born there. Not being stupid, they understood that they had a greater chance of not constantly living in fear and want there and so could actually take the time to think about things like art and beauty and architecture. And because it was a fairly early Mature culture, they could work on relationships, especially. Not only did they want to be successful in their choice of place, there being a lot of Young souls in the culture as well, of course, but they wanted also to have a belief system, a cosmology, so that they could have some sort of religious format. That way they would not only be able to survive comfortably, but they would have something more interesting in their lives than just food.
So it began. We concentrated on that very small place, only a few hundred square miles, the only place we could find for a long time where there was an entire Old or late Mature community. Old and Mature souls had been sprinkling themselves about the planet to some degree for a while, but basically most of them were centered right around this place between the rivers. Most of the planet’s population was in this area, in fact. There hadn’t yet been much migration into other geographical areas of the earth and so our choice of place was limited. The few who had made it to the other side of the ocean, for instance, were mostly wiped out after Atlantis sank and they were unable to trade with her any longer. Some of the Atlantis survivors ended up there but they were mostly a younger soul-age group.
As we managed to get through to a few Old souls, they picked up on the Warrior and King energy. They saw us as either some sun-god speaking through a priestess, or an earth-god. That was as clean as we could do it. Mostly the only people who could open up to the thoughts we were putting into their heads were the priestesses. This was still an all priestess-oriented society, by the way, and the Priests and Servers were the obvious people for our message. They, of course, having decided they were speaking to the gods, had their own ideas about what it meant to be getting these messages about peace and karma, and we had to leave it at that.
For a while we were either sun-gods or earth-gods. They rarely assigned anything we said to water-gods or fire-gods or anything in nature. Mostly we gave advice on how to deal better with their karmas and how to learn to deal with their fellow man without killing him off all the time. They asked lots of questions about fertility, crop fertility and especially human fertility, and how to have more children. These concerns were very, very important at that time.
The idea of justice and fairness was just rising in the consciousness of these people, so it was not just “Kill whoever bothers you,” but “Is this right?” People started to think about what was fair and what was not, and tried to mediate a fair decision about questions of ownership as in, “This is my land!”, no “That is MY land!” Instead of just fighting it out until one of them was dead, they began to look for neutral arbitrators. We managed to do some of that arbitration and often we were basically being used as channels for fair judgment calls. We encouraged people to find more fertile ground, suggesting ways to make themselves less miserable, pretty much what we do today with most of you.
Our work was not just about karma, it was about the concept that there was more to life than just day-to-day existence, that there was thinking about something higher and greater, that there was the chance they were going to continue after they died. We managed to get these ideas well planted. A lot of people started believing in what we were saying through the priestesses, getting a faint idea about what an afterlife could be like and allowing the thought that they would have more than one chance to settle into their minds. They began living their lives in a little more relaxed manner. That way they did not have to grab all the gusto immediately, of course. Instead of running out and killing neighbor Jones, they could take the time to work with him and get to know him better because they did have more time.
Of course there was slavery and other unpleasant parts of their life and there was not much we could do about that, given that it was a basic situation there, but there was channeling down at those levels, teaching people how to deal with their fate, talking about karma, having them realize that in the next lifetime they could be a master, and they probably would be, so they could even out the master-slave relationships, showing them they were capable of leading lives as fully and as well as possible.
This went on for a very long time, for about sixteen hundred years. Then just about that time, down in Egypt there were some very strong rulers who began to pull Upper and Lower Egypt together, unifying them into one country. When that happened, instead of continuing with internal warfare and struggles, Egypt also began to open up to being more peaceful, to looking more towards raising crops, getting along better, having more children, and not fighting among themselves so much. As we began connecting with people there we were still looked at very much as sun-gods or earth-gods, channeling through priestesses again, and through some priests also. We managed to make some male contacts as well as female contacts and with that the channeling began to even itself out more. When religions were female-dominated, most of the advice that came through from us was distorted toward favoring females since they were at the head of things, so to speak, and this allowed them to pretty much get what they wanted. A lot of the channeling got colored by, “Well, you are a man. Give her what she wants,” that sort of thing you know.
Things were getting to be on a more even keel in Egypt. The teaching was still very much about karma, about personal relationships, about becoming a more Mature-souled place to be. Things eventually calmed down quite a bit and we kept hanging out there for a very long period of time. At the same time we were still active over in Mesopotamia. It was a kind of Golden Age. There were a great many people being born that were more like prophets; art and architecture was appreciated, and there was a sense of there being a greater purpose to life. Monotheism, the idea that there was one big unity out there that could be called God who was running things, that there was one major consciousness, became a possible thought.
Then people started to pull things together. The lesser people who were under the major beings that people were looking to became sub-gods. Things continued to get more interesting. People began to have a broader chance and the whole culture began to look like a Mature-soul culture, making it more comfortable for the Old souls who were there at the time.
Most of you had Egyptian lifetimes in that period. Almost everyone we know was there, the whole hundred thousand or so of you, which was a lot of people for those days. They were hanging around the Nile River and Mesopotamia from about 2500 or so till about 1800 or so, bce. We had a pretty good stronghold there and everything was going along pretty well. We introduced ideas about the basics of the universe in language that people could understand. Eventually we were able to establish more about attitude and how attitude affects people, and we managed to plant a little bit about cosmology, how the universe works.
But in 1700 bce Egypt was invaded by the Hyksos. The Hyksos tribes were very, very powerful, with much stronger weapons made of bronze that the Egyptians had not yet heard of. They also had invented armor, and they invented using chariots behind horses. These new military inventions caused an incredible amount of mayhem up and down the whole of Egypt for a couple hundred years. Eventually the Egyptians took back the control of their own country as well as some of the Hyksos lands and the whole place became one much larger, more powerful Egypt.
During that time, however, it was almost impossible to get anything but blood and guts going with the priesthood, so the channeling – the more peaceful type, more Mature soul let’s-all-hang-together type of channeling – went by the wayside. We pretty much lost contact and could not stay in control for quite a long time. In fact, the whole world was so much in conflict that we barely managed to come through and channel a little bit here and there for about twelve hundred years, a very long period of time.
We lost contact with many channels, just keeping in touch with a few here and there. We still maintained connection with a single Old soul in a few places. People began spreading out in Europe where there were a few more tribes and once in a while we would get through for ten or twenty years there. The same thing in Africa and in South America. But we never managed to hang in there for very long because the tribes would get wiped out by a neighboring tribe and our channel would get killed. Our presence in these places did not last very long.
What we basically needed was another, fairly long, calm period. We eventually got one beginning around 500 bce in China. There the Infinite Soul came to the planet in the person of Lao Tse to try and pull things together a bit, along with Lao Tse's buddy Confucius. Because they introduced a great deal of philosophy in their teachings, we thought: Aha! This is great! We will be able to get in there for sure, and sure enough, we did. We plopped down there in the midst of the Chou Dynasty.
Now the Chou Dynasty was interesting because these people were incredibly rigid Baby souls; very, very difficult. Nobody could get along with them and nobody liked them. They were made up almost entirely of pig-headed Warriors who were managing to get their own way. They felt insecure about China being a lot of unorganized, warring little states, and also they were terrified of the Mongolian people who kept rushing down from the north and invading them. So their own way was to somehow manage at least an uneasy truce among all the different states in China and force everyone to work together to defend themselves from the northern invaders.
And they did it. Through shear pig-headedness and determination they managed to do it. This was a Baby group of souls and we have great admiration for them to this day. Many of you Warriors were there at that time, going through your pig-headed Baby and Young soul phases; you know who you are.
During all of this mayhem the philosopher Confucius was doing a pretty good job of uniting the more Mature and Old souls of the day, so we popped in and started hanging about there, feeling like we were getting a good toehold for our teachings, since there were those who were discussing philosophy and higher thought, those kinds of things. We encouraged the concept of life after life after life, and this idea of reincarnation became thoroughly ingrained in their thinking. We felt this was some of the best work we ever did.
Around 220 bce, the Ch’in Dynasty took over. It was very short-lived, only about 20 years, but the Ch’ins were really excellent. It was a one-man show, and what Ch’in did was unify China once and for all. He took all these various warring states and smashed them into one united China that has lasted to this day. That was it. No more infighting, no more clan or tribal wars, and if any group did try it, he cut off the heads of their leaders. This was a King role leader who made his authority stick. Even though it was a very short dynasty it still gets mentioned in the history books. And even though there wasn’t any one as strong as this leader to take over when he died, the foundation he built was so strong that the succeeding rulers, the Han Dynasty, simply went on, business as usual.
We stayed in China throughout the Han Dynasty because even though it was very war-like and Warrior-run, invading its neighbors and all, there was so much stability inside the country that we were able to get a lot of philosophical work done. We felt very good about that. During this time also there was a lot of artistic work going on. There were beautiful paintings, brush paintings, pottery, and woodworking. In addition, there was an interest in learning about law and the setting up of laws. There was also a lot of reverence for scholars. Scholars became greatly respected in that society. All you Scholars out there just loved that time between about 200 bce to about 200 ce. Everyone admired you, respected you, turned you into court judges and advisors. Those of you in male lifetimes had five or six females hanging around you, running after you, waiting on you hand and foot. You really loved it and had a great time.
Throughout the civilized world at this time there was an incredible interest in philosophy and we were able to get a lot of our teachings through to people, similar to the way we are able to get it through to you now. Things really began to take hold in the world at that point. At the same time that Ch’in was doing his thing, maybe a bit before him, actually, Mesopotamia was trying to pull itself back together again. They also were experiencing continual warfare but there were the beginnings of a more stable period, so we went back because we had been there for such a long time. That put us in two widely separated places at the same time, east and west.
Lucky for us, along came Alexander the Great. Alexander was a marvelous character as far as we were concerned, because he unified the known world, which was a big help to us. Of course, he was a fairly bloody-minded individual, but being a sixth-level Mature King he decided on unification at all costs. People think of Alexander as being a Young soul, but he was a Mature King who wanted unity, and who better to rule over all that unity but himself. No one else was going to be able to do it that he could see, and he was right. We are talking about a late Baby, early Young soul world. You cannot have rule by committee, you have to go in and take over yourself if you are capable of running things, which he was.
Shortly after Alexander finished unifying the main parts of the Middle East, we were able to start popping in all over because it had quieted down and was calm enough for us to work. We managed to get into Greece just a little before he started off on his campaign, around 400 bce. During the time of the great philosophers we laid out everything we had about attitudes and roles. People knew about Sages and Scholars. They respected Scholars, Sages, Warriors, and Artisans more than the other roles. Although people knew about Priests and Servers there was a great deal of distrust of these two groups. In their lack of comfort with their Servers they tried to turn most of them into slaves and that led to their eventual fall to Rome. You know, if you do not use your Servers you are going to be in big trouble. Nevertheless, the Greeks used the teachings and kept it fairly well intact according to what you can still see today. This was due to the work of all those people who were born during that time, Sophocles, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, and others like them.
In the middle of all this, the Christ came to the planet, unifying things even more with the early Christian message. We had quite a heyday until the end of the Pax Romana, a couple of hundred years into the common era. Then began a period of continual warfare again, in Rome and all around the Roman Empire. There was so much unrest, and various diseases appeared at this time as well, that civilization broke down. The Roman Empire fell and anarchy set in, making things very difficult for us. We really could not do much channeling with people from about 200 ce all the way till about 700 because everyone was warring again.
We did manage to stay in China for a while and we tried reaching out into other areas, but they were minor groups and first the information got lost, then recovered for maybe forty or fifty years at a time, and then it would get lost again.
Around the year 700 we connected with Russia, especially down in the southern part, the Georgia area. We had a strong toehold there where quite a few of our people were trying out those early Russian lifetimes. That is the most fertile area of the USSR. People were less poor there and there was more agriculture because it has milder weather than most of Russia, being closer to the equator. We were able to do quite a bit of channeling, of teaching people how to be more Mature souled, how to become more unified. We were doing very well for a couple of hundred years, until Vladimir the First was born.
Old Vladimir decided that because he had married this adorable Christian woman who had a lot of influence over him, Anna, all the rest of Russia should become Christian. It only took him about twelve years, he was so intense about it. He did a good job of bashing Christianity into his people, but it started a great many holy civil wars among them. We managed to hang on there till about 1100, but as the conflicts became more serious we found ourselves losing Russia for a while. People were constantly fighting one another and even Vladimir eventually had to flee to Sweden. When he came back he killed his brother who had been trying to return the country to what he considered normal and the wars were off and running again. For maybe two hundred years we were able to continue our work there, doing some decent channeling and helping people, many of them verging on Old soul level, but finally we had to give up.
We moved, then, into Japan. Things were starting to open up there, becoming more organized. We can always manage to get in when there is a more unified state. Back in the 1100s and 1200s Japan was experiencing some of the first big Shogunates and the Shoguns were taking over and unifying the country. This really was necessary because the Japanese are incredibly warlike, with an amazing number of Warrior role people who are willing to fight to the death for the slightest reason, even to kill themselves for the slightest insult. They truly need very strong management, Kings and Warriors, in charge.
Artisans commanded a lot of respect in that culture. People would lay down their lives for someone who was a great artist or musician. This was their heyday. If the Japanese had listened to their Scholars and Servers a little more, they would have had an easier time of it. But even so, they had a successful culture going there for a while, and between 1000 and the 1700s we spent a lot of time hanging out in Japan. We also managed to get back into China as it came and went, came and went, good times and bad.
Around the early 1700s we were spreading through Europe a bit, but we also managed to connect in the southwestern part of the United States, among the native American tribes living there. These groups were the most older-souled of them at that time. We were an influence among the Comanches, the Pimas, the Shoshones, and the Hopi, working with them to become more peaceful, more learned, more able to deal with the other tribes around them. It helped that their languages were all very similar to one another. Originally they had come from one larger tribe some thousands of years before, a part of an Aztec-related group that came up from Mexico.
When we made contact with the Old souls of these tribes we warned them that they should expect to be invaded at any time. In some universes we did not manage to get to them in time, and in some we did. In this one we did and although they still wound up being invaded, they managed to make it a great deal easier on themselves than they would have otherwise. Those tribes still exist to this day, managing to hang onto a little bit of their own space, more successful and less impoverished than many other existing tribes.
We did the best we could to pop through other areas of the New World as well, since most of the Indian cultures had already developed on their own some very Old soul belief systems with very strong dedication and philosophy towards God and all. They were, however, very strict individualists and wanted to preserve a more Young soul attitude which included nationalism. They were very proud and it was difficult to convince any of them that they should work together in larger groups in order to be able to stand up to the invasion of the Whites. In the end, they underestimated the White people and endured a really hard time of it. In some universes we did better; we saved larger groups from total extinction. But in this universe all we were able to influence was the small area of the South West. Even so, we still feel like this was pretty good work, with lasting results.
Throughout the first millennium and a half of the common era we had spread from the Persian-Egyptian-Greco-Roman areas farther into Europe and because we had channeled as much as we did in those areas back in the 100 to 200 bce period, more trade was developed with China because of the similarity in philosophies. Over the centuries Greek philosophy was traded for Chinese silks, which encouraged an exchange of ideas. The Greeks did not want to learn about Chinese philosophy, especially, but they did want to trade and ideas came with the interaction. As a result, the idea of unification began to take hold in parts of southern Europe and after hundreds of years of warfare a little more calm began to spread up into Middle Europe. In the 1700s we began teaching in the Germany-Austria area, pushing to spread out in all directions from there. We spent most of the 1800s there, returning also to southern Russia at that time. What you had then was a large group of German philosophers, Goethe, for example, who were very influenced by channeling, along with others who were less well-known but who impacted the populace of the time.
Around the end of the last century, Gurdjieff was born and after he grew up in Russia he started traveling around and checking out philosophies in all different parts of the world. He found a great deal of unification of philosophy in different places, and pulled together his own philosophy as Old souls do. He was a Warrior, so he was really willing to patch together whatever would work.
Gurdjieff began to bring in some of the best channeling of anyone, able to be more together with it, bringing in more information than had been brought in before because of picking up the bits that he heard from all these different places on the planet. He is the one that first began channeling on body types, the first one who channeled on centering, and he and his friends began getting a lot of the best channeling that there was to be had at the time. At the same time there was good channeling coming from people in Austria and Germany.
What you had by the 20th Century was all of this information coming over to the United States where it spread throughout the country through Gurdjieffian groups, along with similar philosophies that broke away from the original Gurdjieffian group. By this time there were a variety of others: Rodney Collins is one who is a very good channel, very metaphysical; and of course Ouspensky, Gurdjieff’s Essence Twin, who did a lot of chronicling. An incredible number of Scholars were paying attention to these sorts of philosophical notions. As they spread across the United States in the early part of the 20th century, there was enough of an Old soul community here where people were open to the possibilities that we were able to begin channeling directly, telling people who we were, instead of having them just assume they were getting these great ideas from somewhere out of the ether.
We came to a group in California and to people in a few other spots where we are channeling through right now. We still have some connections in the USSR, in Germany, and in China. We talk to people in Canada, to some people in New York, and down in the US South West. Our work, then, is moving right along. We keep hoping, and it does look to be the case, that we will connect more and more. There are those who are beginning to get channeling in Australia, for instance. We tried many times connecting in Australia but it was incredibly difficult. Another area where it has been extremely difficult is the South Pacific, for example, the Philippines; very, very difficult.
It looks like we are finally able to find channels in many parts of the world because of your technology being the way it is, and the media being what it is. As we connect in various areas and cultures, different peoples receive us slightly differently. Nevertheless the basic thrust of the teaching and what it is all about and how you can live your life and all, that looks like it is finally going to go global within the next couple of hundred years.
And that, in the end, is what we have basically been aiming for anyway; the whole thrust of our work, the reason we are teaching, the reason we reached out to all these cultures, is to get people to behave in a more Mature soul fashion. This, we hope, will prevent people from dissolving back into constant fighting, into wars, especially nuclear war at this point, with its potential for vast destruction compared to the kind of destruction that has been the result of previous wars.
If we could just get the older soul communities to unify themselves, as they evolve from Mature to Old, that would be an even greater accomplishment than just getting people to act in a more Mature soul manner.
This, then, is what we have been working for and aiming towards. Now that the world itself is moving toward a more Mature soul planet, with the pivotal point coming up soon, you will be noticing for the next couple of hundred years that it will be acting more and more from a Mature soul place. We remind you, however, that there are still plenty of Infant, Baby, and Young souls here in the world, although you will begin seeing at least the older-souled communities start living at an Old soul place, not just at a Mature level. Even so, there are still Infant and Baby soul influences, and especially Infant and Baby soul backlash.
For hundreds of years things will still be influenced by an extreme of levels everywhere. Why? Because there are still many areas dominated by, or at least ruled by, souls that are younger than Mature and Old. Even if there are a great many Young, Mature, and Old souls in an area, if it is ruled by Baby, or even Infant, souls then what we get is a lot of difficulty connecting with people. What you will have to do is get in and take over governments in order to facilitate their evolution and Old souls are very, very poor at doing that. Even Mature souls are not that great at it, most of them, unless they are Kings. It usually takes Young souls to unify things, but they do eventually get there.
Now you have the picture of what has been going on throughout the history of this world as far as we are concerned. We have told you how we have been participating in your world, and how we have connected with you.