We've spent a lot of time and internal processing to remember who we are and why we're here - or at least we've stretched in that direction - and now let's see where we are. This will also illuminate who we are with!

When we are cast from the Tao, leaping in total enthusiasm for some new experiences, we hurry over to an empty structure, kind of like a jungle gym at a playground that's got all kind of bars and stuff that we can grab on to. It's made out of energy and we can see it with our cosmic eyes.

We're made out of energy too, but our energy is color-magnetized and dynamic and we buzz and whir and hum with the uniquely individual vibrations that are made of our ratio of male/female energy, our frequency and our role.

We hang out with our friends, buddies, acquaintances and newly-picked essence twins and cruise around the jungle gym or grid, as we're going to call it, until we see a spot we like. We have lot's of places to pick from and some of us decide fast and others of us wait and think about it some more, and some of us are just too busy checking out the incredible electric-light and music show that's going on all around us. So while we're waiting for everybody to decide and hop on, we're going to tell you a little about this grid and what its got going for it.

First, it's pretty big and rather in the shape of a rubber band that's twisted in the middle - sort of like a mobius strip.

Second, there are lot's of them! There are color gradations on it going from red, all through the rainbow, back to magenta that blends in with the red.

We can see the colors of the bars and we can hear musical tones or auditory vibrations with our cosmic ears. This grid (think of it as a framework or scaffold) is called a ring and has 12 subdivisions.

Each subdivision is called a cadre and within each cadre are seven entities. Since the three-dimensional form of this ring is like a skinny triangular-shaped tube joined together at the ends, each entity has three sides. In fact the whole ring has three distinct sides! This is one of the reasons that choosing a place to hang on to, or better yet, a place to connect into with your friends, old or new, is so exciting! The side you chose dictates from which perspective you will gather all of your experiences from and from then on out until you rejoin the Tao again!

The three perspectives are knowledge manifesting as truth, agape manifesting as love and energy manifesting as beauty.

As you check these perspectives out, and check out which support position you'd like to be in (each of the 12 cadres is a support position) and which entity you like to be in (each entity has a motto) you are also checking out which global job you'd like and which community responsibility you want to have!

Wow! you say, Is there more? Yep! Lot's more. But right now let's talk about where and what the global jobs and community responsibilities are. Each entity has three sides to it and each side is made up of seven blocks of 49 spaces (for us to connect on to, remember?).

Each block has seven rows of seven (that's where the 49 spaces comes from). If you count the number of rows on each side it's 49 (that's seven blocks of seven rows). These rows have a corresponding global job attached to them (there are 49 of them) - a generic default job you will do naturally and effortlessly any time essence and/or personality is not wrapped up in doing something specific.

Whatever row you pick you will have six other people in your same row doing the same job. Not only that but you will also share this same job with people in the same row number that are on the other two sides! That's right ! Each side has the same global job and community responsibility but each one is coming from one of the three perspectives - truth, love or beauty.

Whew! OK, so where and what are the community responsibilities? There are 49 of them too, and they are a specific quality you will bring and stand for and that others will perceive from you . They are located at each of the 49 spaces in a block. Each block has the same responsibilities but each block does not share the same global jobs. In fact, they're all different! Rest assured there are no exact duplicates in the entire ring . You can be in the same ring but not in the same cadre.

You can be in the same cadre but not in the same entity. You can be in the same entity but not the same side. You can be in the same side but not the same row. You can be in the same row but not the same space.

Each place to grab onto, in this grid is not like any other. It will define your unique essence even more. It will be the place where you hold onto others, one above, one below, one on the right, one on the left and two behind.

It will be your permanent address so to speak, your casting number, and you will use and manifest its numerology everywhere. When everybody has picked a spot and settled in and there's not a single space left, then it starts to get fun! That's when a band of folks who have decided to hang ONTO the grid instead of being IN it arrive. They're holding hands and just sort of drifting around the grid and then they start to wrap around the grid like a ribbon on a maypole.

Then they let go of each other and grab onto the hands of folks already on the grid with their "heads". Now they're waving like a flag on a breezy day, sticking out from the grid with nobody else to hang onto but two people! We call these adventurous folks wild cards. They do have a different experience!

They will become triad experts on one hand and on the other hand will personally experience and bring to others a lighter, less invested, less serious, less predictable, less mainstream, less responsible interaction.

Some entities have a lot of these interesting folks and some have few or none at all. If there are a lot, their very presence can give that entity an "out there" flavor. They participate in a perspective and also a job and responsibility but it's less obvious exactly what it is they're doing, since they're sandwiched in between people in an out-of-sequence way.

All right! Everybody's here now, and everybody knows WHERE everybody is.