About five years ago, Michael introduced us to the term "Platform" to describe a task that we each subconsciously take on every year at mid-May. This task entails the study of a quality; such as Freedom, Justice, Victimization, etc. that we study and stand for all year whether we realize it or not.

We take on these platforms in order to learn all we can about that subject and its opposite. To use freedom as an example, one would study what it means to be free at every level; psychologically, physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, politically, instinctively, and societally.

One would also study entrapment in a more minor way as a counterfoil lesson. In addition, our example person would radiate freedom, and people would feel free and experience lessons in freedom around this person.

That is why some years, we see more of certain people than other years - our platforms work well together that year. We study one quality for a year, then back-burner it (though of course the learning never stops!) in order to pick up a new platform to study the following May.

Some particularly useful platforms our essence works with for two or even three years, though this is quite rare. Recently, Michael has channeled for us a new piece of information about platforms that we have discovered to be strikingly profound and useful.

The first year or two of our lives, we have a platform, just like every other year of the lifetime. This original platform is different, however, in that it functions as an umbrella or Uberplatform that is more subtle, but persists for the entire century - no matter if you spend five or 95 years in that century.

The reason it then changes is that centuries have their own flavor (like decades). The 20th century, according to Michael, has been the seventh level young "Century of Debt". (You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours... evolving into... I'll scratch your back and then you'd BETTER scratch mine, because you owe me buddy!)

Credit cards were invented and came to dominate society in the 20th century.

The 21st century, on the other hand, is the first level mature "Century of Choice" - a very different proposition. Apparently, every century is unique in this way.

Therefore, when we reach a 99 year, we always begin a two year process of shifting our Uberplatforms from May of the 99 year to May of the 01 year. This process began for us on May 15th, 1999; and, as most of you have noticed by now great shift is occurring as people drop platforms they've held for a lifetime and move into new territory!

Michael assures us that nothing is lost. If you were "born to" (as they refer to it) an Uberplatform of responsibility, you don't suddenly become a totally irresponsible person. Responsibility is a well-honed tool in your repertoire that you can pull out of your pocket and use at any time.

However, with the platform shift, from debt century to choice century, you no longer feel OBLIGATED to provide this talent you've honed at every opportunity. Many people are experiencing this shift as an inexplicable feeling of weight being lifted off their shoulders.

In the choice century you will bring your new Uberplatform to the table (After all your essence planned this as a big study project for this lifetime! It knew you were going to live past May of 1999.).

The big difference is that you will bring it forward through choice not debt. By the way, your Uberplatform is also your ordinary yearly platform for 1999-2000, and quite possibly 2000-2001, depending on how quick a study you are.

Remember, your essence has been preparing you for this shift for your entire lifetime, so you are not exactly stumbling around in the dark here! Using myself as an example, I was "born to" responsibility, and I have "gone to" possibility.

Since Michael revealed this to me just before the shift, I expected that I might feel some change in my day-to-day existence. I had no idea how profound and pervasive this shift would be.

Not only are new possibilities for growth flooding into my life at a rate that leaves a Warrior gasping, but my relationships with my friends, family, and community are all shifting in unexpected ways. This is going to be a fascinating adventure!!

My suggestion: call your favorite channel and ask "What platform was I born to and which have I gone to?" Ask for yourself and all of your friends and family. Deliberately seeking out people with compatible platforms is really fulfilling and a great way to deepen existing relationships and bloom into new ones.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm having dinner with Pleasure, Relaxation and Sexuality... we're going to see what's Possible!